Buy High-quality Thermal Papers for Various Business Applications

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Buy High-quality Thermal Papers for Various Business Applications

Thermal papers are widely used printing solutions across multiple verticals. They continue to be an essential component of receipt and label printing. These specialty papers are chemically coated and produce images when heated inside a thermal printer. The chemical coating changes color upon heat activation and produces clear crisp images for inkless printing. This is the most fast and reliable printing solution available today.  

At Master Distributors, we stock a large selection of thermal paper rolls with various size specifications, from the standard 80 mm x 80 mm to the smaller 57 mm x 40 mm papers. We're the leading wholesalers and distributors in Canada and the US with a large customer base spanning across diverse industries. Multiple businesses benefit from our range of thermal papers every day. 

Thermal Paper Applications

Point of Sale 

Thermal papers have indeed benefitted the retail sector more than any other. With the use of credit card machines, businesses needed to adapt to newer, more compact technology. 

Thermal papers are used to print receipts from cash registers and credit card machines that act as proof of transaction without smudging or fading risks. 


Thermal printing is also used for ticketing purposes in the transport and events sector. Thermal papers offer high readability, making them the ideal choice for printing boarding passes and event tickets.  


From its usage in ECG and Ultrasound machines to printing visitor passes and medical labels, thermal papers are heavily used in medical and healthcare applications. 

Master Distributors works with leading global suppliers of thermal paper rolls that can be customized per your needs. Purchase high-quality thermal paper rolls from Master Distributors by visiting our website or calling 647-295-7840. You can also send us an email at

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