Steps to Easily Book Student Accommodation Chicago at 0 Brokerage Fees

Students book out the best student accommodation Chicago at no brokerage fees and get a good assistance by our team.

Steps to Easily Book Student Accommodation Chicago at 0 Brokerage Fees

Chicago, a city in the United States of America, attracts a large number of individuals
from throughout the world. People come here for different reasons among which a
major one is higher education. Chicago is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations
for international students. Chicago has several universities and it is the world center of
higher education and research.

Due to so much inclination of international students towards studying in Chicago, there
is a huge demand for student accommodations here. There is no shortage of
accommodations for international students in Chicago. Numerous agencies help
students in getting accommodation in Chicago. Many of these agencies charge some
brokerage fees from students.

But, as a matter of the fact, you can get student accommodation Chicago at zero
brokerage fees. One of the ways is to contact the accommodation owners directly,
which you can do by visiting their websites. But, this may be a lengthy process as you
will need to search for and visit the website of each accommodation property

A better way to book student accommodation Chicago at zero brokerage fees is to visit an
online student accommodation service platform. There are many such platforms
available that do not charge anything from you and provide you the facility to know and
book accommodation in Chicago and many other cities.

One of the best instances of such platforms is “University Living”. University Living is an
online student accommodation service platform that provides its services via a website
and a mobile app. It does not charge brokerage fees from students and facilitates them
to know the details about different accommodations along with the booking options.
Here, you will learn about the steps to easily book student accommodation in Chicago
without any brokerage fees with the help of online student accommodation service

Visit the Platform and Enter “Chicago” in the Search Box

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First, you are required to visit the platform (website or mobile app) where you will find a
search box on each page. You need to enter “Chicago” in that box in order to get the list
of the accommodation properties available there. A list of student accommodation
properties will appear in front of you.

On University Living’s website, you find two tabs of which one is with the caption
“student housing”. Under this tab, you find a list of student accommodation properties
available in Chicago. The other tab has the caption “private apartments” where you can
see a list of private apartments among which also you can choose a place for your stay.

Filter the List as Per Your Preferences

You can also filter the list with a “filter” feature available on the platform according to
your preferences. You can filter the list according to price ranges, amenities, room
categories, shared/private bathrooms, stay durations, and more.

Doing this helps you in finding the property that fulfills your requirements and is in
accordance with your preferences.

Sort the List According to Prices, Popularity, or Offers

According to your budget, you can sort the list as per the prices. In the filter feature, you
also get a sorting option through which you can sort list according to the prices from low
to high or high to low. You can also sort the list according to the popularity and best
offers available.

Read the Details of Some Properties by Clicking Their Names or Images

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By clicking the names or images of properties, their details will appear in front of you.
The details include prices, stay durations, amenities, distances from universities,
accommodation types and subtypes, and more.

Compare the Properties via the “Comparison” Feature

On University Living and some other platforms, you find a “comparison” feature through
which you can compare the properties on a single webpage. Distances (from
universities), prices, amenities, and some more things can be compared through this
feature in a tabular format.

For this, you first need to come back to the list of the properties. Thereafter, you are
required to click the “add to compare” button on the images of the properties. After this,
click the “+” sign on a little above the bottom right corner of the page. A vertical list of
your selected properties will appear with the “compare” option on the bottom. You can
compare a maximum of four properties at a time.

Send Your Query or Do Live Chat If Required

If you have some questions, you can ask them from the accommodation owners
through platforms via the options available on the pages of the properties. Besides, you
can also do the live chat with an executive of the platform.

Book Accommodation

On the pages of the property, you get the options for booking with each property. By
following the platform’s procedure, you can book the property. This booking is done
without paying any brokerage fees. You are only required to pay the cost of

Final Words

The online student accommodation service platforms not only offer accommodation
booking facility without charging brokerage fees but they have also made the booking
process very easy.