Top 10 Lunch Box Brands in India

Having a lunch box makes carrying homemade meals easy and portable, which is why they are so important in our daily lives. It encourages better eating habits by making sure we always have access to wholesome food when we're out and about.

Top 10 Lunch Box Brands in India
Lunch Box Brands in India

Having a lunch box makes carrying homemade meals easy and portable, which is why they are so important in our daily lives. It encourages better eating habits by making sure we always have access to wholesome food when we're out and about. 

Using a lunch box also helps the environment by reducing the need for disposable packaging and single-use plastic. It also saves money because there's no longer a need to buy meals from fast-food or restaurant establishments.

All things considered, a lunch box is more than just a container as it's a vital tool for encouraging sustainability, health, and frugal living.

  1. Borosil Glass Lunch Box

Borosil Glass Lunch Box Set, the ideal travel companion for hassle-free meals. These kitchen superheroes, made entirely of borosilicate glass, can withstand temperatures as high as 350°C without getting hot or uncomfortable. Durable and resistant to scratches, they're equipped to withstand the rigours of everyday existence. These airtight and liquid-tight containers have a generous capacity, guaranteeing that your meals stay fresh and free of mess. They stack up easily for storage in your kitchen that takes up less room. These containers are dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer safe, making cooking simple. Just keep in mind not to use abrasive cleaners, hot dishes on cold surfaces, or direct flames. This set comes with a handy lunch bag and containers are the ideal size for your meals with a stylish transparent design. Moreover, you can buy your lunch box at a good discount by using Borosil Discount Coupons and accept ease of use, robustness, and adaptability with Borosil that is your go-to option for convenient meals.

  1. Milton electric Lunch box

This is one of the best brands of stainless steel kitchen tools available in India, so there's no need to introduce it. You can always pack your lunch in the Milton steel lunch box and savour the authentic taste of home-cooked food. This lunch box is cozy, portable, and impervious to leaks. The cost of this electric lunch box is reasonable.  You can choose this brand because it is more special to you due to its durability.

  1. Tupperware Lunch Box

Purchasing the ideal tiffin lunch box can be challenging for most people. But, if you want to get your kids a sturdy school lunch box, you should look for the Tupperware tiffin box. In daily life, Tupperware food storage containers are able to meet every person's needs. Food is a need for everyone, whether they are office workers or exhausted students. Tupperware also saves money and the environment when purchased. Once you have amazing features like airtight and liquid-tight solutions, all you have to do is store, pack, and eat when the time comes. They also make wonderful gifts, encouraging your friends and family to adopt environmentally friendly takeaways. You can buy this lunch box at a good discount by using the Tupperware Discount Coupon Code.

  1. Cello Lunch Box

Cello is the next lunch box brand in the list of the top lunch box brands in India. These lunch boxes are of superior quality and have distinctive design elements. School and office settings are great for cello lunch boxes. Copper coating is an added benefit for consumers who use this brand.

  1. Oliveware Teso Pro Lunch Box

This professional lunchbox is lightweight and composed of easily cleaned materials. One large stainless steel container, two medium-sized stainless steel containers, a small plastic container, and a stainless steel bottle are all included in the set. The material is heat proof and safe to use in the freezer and microwave. One fork and spoon are included with the containers, along with airtight, spill-proof lids. The greatest lunchbox for office use in India is Oliveware's Pro lunchbox.

  1. Signoraware Small Lunch Box 

The 100% borosilicate glass used in Signoraware lunch boxes is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius. Its containers are spill- and leak-proof. Its virgin plastic lid is of food grade and is airtight. The material has no smell and is entirely safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. There are two separate sections in the lunchbox for storing food.

  1. Jaypee Plus Lunch Box

For more than 40 years, Jaypee has been manufacturing and exporting cookware, utensils, and other practical home goods. It is one of the oldest and biggest homeware companies in India. The brand is continuously working on the newest technology and processes to create high-quality, useful products for every customer. Jaypee Plus is a well-known brand when it comes to cookware, homeware, kid's lunch boxes, and water bottles. The smart electric lunch box has a plug-and-heat feature. You only need to plug it in and wait 45 minutes to have perfectly heated food.

  1. Milton Euroline Smart App Enabled Lunch Box

Milton Euroline Smart Electric App-Enabled Tiffin Set is a cutting-edge method to savour hot, tasty meals. This set of stylish lunch boxes, combines the practicality of plastic outside with the sturdy inner steel construction. You can use the smartphone app to heat your food and connect to Wi-Fi without worrying about distance. For maximum convenience, plan your mealtime with the Heat Scheduler. The 80W power makes heating easy, and the pressure vacuum lid containers guarantee freshness. The GeoTag feature is what makes this unique; it lets your smart tiffin know where you are and warms your meal right before you get there, making sure you're always greeted warmly. The integrated thermostat guarantees a rapid 30-minute heating period and shuts off on its own to avoid overheating.

  1. Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box

Home Puff is one of the top manufacturers of glass lunch boxes for offices. It uses materials like steel, plastic, and glasses to create storage items and electrical and non-electric tools that are highly regarded by its clients. The company sells a variety of products, including glass and steel boxes, premium storage boxes, tea and coffee jars, and electric choppers and mixers.

  1. Nanonine Lunch Box

Because of the exceptional quality, the NanoNine brand has such a high rating. Although the brand is not new to the market, it is India's most well-known and established tiffin box brand. Nevertheless, compared to other brands on the market, NanoNine Tiffin Boxes are rather pricey. Visit the brand's official website to examine the lunch box's quality and design.


Reliability, cost, style, and amount of storage should be considered before buying the lunchbox. Lunch box is the constant lunch companion at work, school, and college. Individuals these days are more proactive in selecting the ideal lunchbox based on their needs. The days of having limited options among the top lunch box brands in India, such as steel and plastic are gone. The greatest Tiffin Box Brands in India, like Milton, Cello, Borosil, Tupperware, and others, are widely available to us in the modern world. It totally depends on the individual's requirement of which type of lunch box they need like steel, glass or electric. Additionally, if you want to save money on your purchase then, Cashaly is the best coupon app that gives you extra cashback on all your online purchases, as well as offers, deals, discounts, and promo codes.